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Posted Date 12/21/2020

Springs Hill Water Supply Corporation (“SHWSC”) is requesting applications from interested individuals (“Respondents”) from which to choose a General Manager. As such, SHWSC hereby invites Respondents to submit applications describing in detail their qualifications to serve as General Manager of a board-operated water utility.

The General Manager will be hired by the SHWSC Board of Directors (the “Board”) as an at-will employee. The initial term will include a six (6) month, at will, probationary period. Further terms for such position will be established through a negotiated contract. Salary and benefits will be set by the Board based upon qualifications and experience.


The General Manager is a full-time position, exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and is responsible for administrative, leadership, operational, and professional work in directing the overall operations of SHWSC. The General Manager serves as the ultimate point of contact for customers, constituent organizations and the public, and serves at the direction of the Board. The work involves the administrative, financial, technical, operational, public communications, and regulatory compliance aspects of SHWSC. This position reports directly to the Board. The work involves the exercise of independent judgment and discretion in carrying out responsibilities under broad policies established by the Board and maintaining compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.



The General Manager should have appropriate and sufficient knowledge of all principles that apply to the administration, leadership and operation of a Texas retail water utility, namely:

  • principles of organizational and personnel leadership;
  • hiring, training, evaluating, and leading professional, technical and support staff;
  • personnel laws, rules, policies and practices, including disciplining and terminating employees;
  • standard office practices and procedures;
  • business administration, including financial management, general accounting, program and business planning, and budget development and monitoring, including billing;
  • budgeting principles and procedures;
  • retail and wholesale utility rate and financing principles, and practices relating to public utilities;
  • federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances relating to operating, maintaining, and repairing public drinking water systems;
  • long-term public works plans and programs, and matters of public policy;
  • surface water and groundwater treatment process and testing procedures;
  • general principles and practices relating to water utility plant design and operation;
  • water resources management issues and available technology, including surface water, groundwater, and water conservation issues; and
  • state law applying to open government, such as the Texas Open Meetings Act, Public Information Act, and Public Funds Investment Act.

Examples of the skills required of the SHWSC General Manager include, but are not limited to, the ability to:

  • conduct effective and accurate performance appraisals of employees;
  • create and apply manuals, policies and other documents;
  • gather, compile, analyze and evaluate a variety of data;
  • make sound decision regarding data as they apply to operations;
  • prepare and understand technical reports;
  • communicate effectively, both in writing and orally, and both before large groups and in one-on-one meetings;
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, Board members, consultants, governmental agencies, the media, and the public;
  • develop, organize, motivate, and effectively utilize staff;
  • effectively develop and communicate technical and administrative recommendations to boards, commissions, elected officials, other governmental officials, and the public; and
  • implement policies established by the Board.


Five (5) years of responsible supervisory and administrative experience as the head of a public water utility or as the deputy or principal assistant in such an organization. While not a prerequisite, such experience would normally be gained after graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business or public administration, water resources, environmental management, or a closely related field; followed by progressively responsible professional experience in a related area. Other combinations of training and/or experience that can be demonstrated to result in the possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities described in this Job Description will also be considered.


  • Class C or higher certificate in surface water treatment from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”), or the ability to obtain such certificate, if possible;
  • Class C or higher certificate in ground water treatment from TCEQ, or the ability to obtain such certificate, if possible; and
  • a valid Class C Texas driver’s license is required.


Examples of the duties and responsibilities of the SHWSC General Manager are described in the following paragraphs.  Other duties may be assigned by the Board from time to time.


  • meet and coordinate with Board members;
  • employ, monitor, evaluate, discipline, and if necessary, terminate staff, both directly and through subordinates;
  • employ a diverse staff;
  • assign and evaluate work of personnel;
  • encourage and motivate staff and consultants to maintain professional and technical expertise and skills;
  • develop and implement rules, regulations, and administrative policies;
  • approve payrolls and perform other necessary supervisory functions, including labor-management issues;
  • plan for potential prolonged droughts, energy shortages, urban development or other events that may disrupt and/or impact the water service needs of members; and
  • meet with staff and consultants to discuss operational and administrative issues.

     B.   FINANCIAL:

  • assess, coordinate, and implement rates, fee updates and finances;
  • prepare and present budget recommendations to the Board;
  • oversee budget preparation and monitoring, and facilitate audit process, as needed; and
  • maintain awareness of advances in the technological and administrative activities in water utilities through participation in trade organizations.


  • serve as the ultimate point of contact for SHWSC when coordinating with members;
  • serve as the primary point of contact for SHWSC when coordinating with other governmental units, utilities, news media and the private sector;
  • lead and manage communication practices to maintain open and productive communication with members, regulators, employees, Board members, other nearby utilities and neighborhood organizations;
  • initiate and maintain positive working relationships with outside governmental and professional organizations and governing bodies that routinely interact with SHWSC. Participate in such organizations as a representative of SHWSC; and
  • implement and manage customer education, and customer service programs and activities.


  • supervise and manage the overall activities and operations of SHWSC and its staff and consultants;
  • manage, supervise, monitor and oversee water treatment operations, as well as the integrity and capability of the water distribution system;
  • manage, supervise, monitor and oversee water supply and other contracts;
  • maintain “on-call” status and after-hours attendance to duties, as needed;
  • be responsible for providing an adequate and safe water supply for members, in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances;
  • manage emergency situations (including, for example, system failures and security breaches) to protect public health and SHWSC assets;
  • implement and manage water conservation programs;
  • monitor and ensure proper maintenance of equipment and materials;
  • ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances; and
  • complete and submit required reports to regulatory agencies.



  • ability to meet the transportation requirements of the position;
  • ability to meet the attendance and “on call” requirements of the position;
  • ability to physically inspect work and worksites. Tasks involve the ability to exert very moderate physical effort in light work, typically involving some combination of stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling, and which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of moderate weight (12-20 pounds);
  • ability to meet the sensory requirements of the position. Tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate colors or shades of colors, sounds and odors. Tasks require visual perception and discrimination; and
  • ability to meet the applicable environmental conditions of the position, and wear required and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), when appropriate. Tasks may be performed with exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, toxic agents/chemicals, temperature and noise extremes, and machinery. Such conditions may require the General Manager to safely use required PPE.


  • SHWSC will review the applicant’s driving history in connection with the use of a motor vehicle, and only applicants with a satisfactory driving record will be considered for the position;
  • SHWSC will conduct a criminal history records search, and will consider applicants whose criminal record does not pose a possible threat to the security, reputation, and/or trustworthiness of SHWSC, taking into account the relevance of the criminal record to the duties of the position, the amount of time that has passed since any criminal convictions, and the seriousness of any criminal acts; and
  • SHWSC may require a Respondent to pass a physical exam and/or drug screen.


     An application shall provide, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • completed application form (such form is attached to the end of this RFA);
  • Respondent’s resume, including pertinent education and experience;
  • references, including name, address and telephone number of persons who can attest to Respondent’s performance; and
  • an indication of the Respondent’s knowledge of and experience with any State, Federal and/or local agency applicable to the operation of a public drinking water system.

SHWSC reserves the right to contact any Respondent for clarification purposes after applications are reviewed. If requested, Respondents must provide clarification regarding information provided in an application. SHWSC, in its sole discretion, may interview any, all or none of the Respondents submitting a response to this RFA. Only Respondents who are interviewed will receive a written non-selection notification.


SHWSC will not accept late responses. Each Respondent is responsible for insuring responses to this RFA have been provided to Springs Hill Water Supply Corporation, Attn: President, at the office of SHWSC; 5510 S. State Hwy. 123 - Bypass, Seguin, Texas 78155. Applications are due no later than January 31, 2021. The Board will conduct an initial review of applications of all Respondents, based upon a comparative evaluation of their relevant experience, and it is anticipated that the Board will consider selecting a General Manager on or before March 23, 2021.

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