Superintendent of Water Treatment (Portable Water)

The Consolidated Mutual Water Co. | Lakewood, CO

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Posted Date 6/08/2021

Responsible for the inspection, operation, and maintenance of the Company’s raw water supply, storage, treatment, and quality control systems; responsible for maintaining and utilizing current working knowledge and technical skills applicable to the specific requirements of this position.

$79,408.00 - $111,171.00 (Yearly Salary)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, organize, and control Consolidated’s water treatment team information, activities, and personnel by training, monitoring, evaluating goals, strategies. Policies to report and advise on production performance, and manage the water treatment personnel and activities of targeted complexity with latitude for independent judgment in moderately structured work.

Manage and coordinate the water treatment team and resources by planning, communicating, monitoring, and adjusting activities and performance to ensure effective operations.

  • Identify and inspect water treatment equipment, structures, and surroundings by examining information from all relevant sources to detect or assess issues, the quality of things, services, and performance, make recommendations and corrections, and solve problems.
  • Monitor and evaluate data, systems, processes, and equipment by obtaining and reviewing information from reports, materials, people, and the environment to determine whether results, events, and processes abide by laws, regulations, and standards and report compliance.
  • Represent the organization to associates, stockholders, the public, government, and vendors by communicating respectfully and conveying a positive attitude with people inside and outside the Company in person, writing, or by telephone or e-mail to report information, updates, and share business-related news.
  • Ensure appropriate selection, management, and evaluation of direct reports by coordinating and guiding trade operators and technicians of different skill levels for the water treatment team in the department to operate efficiently while encouraging and building mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.
  • Expand and maintain knowledge of industry developments by identifying opportunities or changes in circumstances or events related to company business to apply new knowledge, skills, or abilities on the job and foster greater understanding among internal and external associates.
  • Strong ability to operate effectively in a team-based environment
  • Plans, organizes, directs, controls, and coordinates the activities of all Water Supply Department personnel
  • Interprets and enforces Company operating policies; recommends personnel changes, pay adjustments, and disciplinary actions
  • Interprets Colorado water law and stream administration as it relates to the Company’s water resources; responsible for water supply/water rights administration, recordkeeping, and monitoring
  • Personally, inspects the water supply system facilities to assure optimum quantity, quality, and safety control in operations
  • Establishes standards for application of various physical, chemical, and bacteriological tests performed in the Water Treatment Plant and in the field to maintain the required quality
  • Supervises all physical, chemical, biological, and microscopic tests on the water to determine the quality (as needed)
  • Establishes and supervises on-the-job training programs relative to quality control procedures to be applied by personnel in both water supply and water distribution operations
  • Conducts line disinfectant tests on new water transmission line installations and approves line releases
  • Consults with biologists, bacteriologists, chemists, public health officials, and consumers regarding water quality control
  • Reports to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Health on compliance or non-compliance monitoring of Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Acts, and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Act
  • Consults with outside engineers, salespeople, and other water utility industry representatives regarding equipment and processes available assemble data, and makes appropriate recommendations
  • Monitors the operation and maintenance of all vehicles, equipment, tools, materials, and supplies assigned to the Department to assure efficient and safe operation
  • Prepares and/or participates in the preparation of periodic operating and Capital Improvements budgets
  • Monitors operating costs performance reports; recommends and/or takes remedial action as necessary to control costs
  • Assures continuing liaison with other departments for proper coordination of operations
  • Approves necessary time reports to effect proper cost allocation and proper compensation to assigned personnel
  • Requisitions and/or approves requisitions for supplies, materials, and equipment as required in the operation of the Department, and per the Company’s purchasing policy
  • Recommends changes in policies and procedures that would benefit the Company
  • Recommends and approves types of cross-connection devices installed in the distribution system per Company policy and State health regulations
  • Evaluates designs and recommends changes to the Water Treatment Plant facilities and procedures to assure compliance with State and Federal regulations and to improve water quality


  • “A” Water Treatment Operator Certification - required
  • Associate degree or equivalent experience in Water/Wastewater Treatment or related science.
  • Minimum of 8 years prior relevant experience; water utility industry-specific preferred.
  • Possess a valid Colorado driver’s license and be insurable by the Company’s insurance provider.
  • 5 to 6 years of management experience - required
  • Strong Communication and Management skills
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Local Government
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