Water Plant Operator-Purification

Dallas Water Utilities | Dallas, TX

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Posted Date 12/21/2023

Salary: $43,866.93 - $54,201.09 Annually

Performs as an operator at a water purification plant, wastewater treatment plant or at a system of pumping stations to ensure water supply meets customer needs and quality meets established guidelines of regulatory agencies.

Essential Functions


Remotely operates equipment from computer terminals or manually adjusts machinery at a water purification plant, wastewater treatment plant, or at a system of pumping stations to ensure sufficient quantity and quality of water; collects samples, monitors SCADA system, and performs visual inspections; accepts chemical deliveries and follows all policies and protocols for chemical management.

2 Functions at a journey level and provides training for one to three apprentice operators including making recommendations for performance reviews to ensure productivity and quality is achieved.

3 Interprets data from computer terminals, reads instruments, and gauges to monitor the equipment condition, flow volume, and treatment process to ensure flow rates and quality parameters are maintained; checks and inspects equipment, performs cleaning, flushes, and draining, monitors filters, and performs other maintenance.

4 Makes decisions within guidelines to change automatic chemical feed rates on machinery or pumping volume rates to make certain constant quality is maintained; reports chemical spills and assists in emergency situations.

5 Maintains records of tests, volumes, levels, adjustments to flows, and operations to provide documentation of activities consistent with regulatory requirements.

6 Performs any and all other work as needed or assigned.


Minimum Qualifications


  • High school diploma or GED.

  • Valid driver's license and good driving record.
  • Class C (or higher) Surface Water Operator license from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)*

*Applicants with current Surface Water license(s) from other states must apply for and obtain the appropriate license from the TCEQ in order to qualify. *
  • Subject to twenty-four/seven (24/7) emergency call-out.


Supplemental Information

The salary listed on this job posting is the starting salary range; amount offered will depend upon qualifications. 

For evaluation purposes, acceptable qualifying experience for all positions must have been in a paid capacity unless noted otherwise in the minimum qualifications for the posted position.

Additionally, 30+ hours per week will be counted as full-time employment and will receive full credit for the amount of time employed.  A minimum of 15 through 29 work hours per week will be counted as part-time employment and will receive half credit for the amount of time employed.   


Job Category
Local Government
Career Level
Mid Level

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