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Posted Date 1/29/2019

This posting is for two full-time positions in the City of Boulder's Public Works Department providing project management and civil engineering services in the Utilities Engineering work group. The City of Boulder has 15 major drainageways and an extensive stormwater collection system. The focus of these two positions is managing the full lifecycle of capital improvement projects and ongoing programs within the flood and stormwater utility.

One position is at the Civil Engineer II or Senior Civil Engineer level, depending on qualifications, and the second position is an Engineering Project Manager. Civil Engineers II and Senior Civil Engineers typically provide technical engineering services, lead the implementation of routine capital projects and ongoing programs, and assist with the implementation of larger and more complex projects as part of a team lead by Engineering Project Managers.  Engineering Project Managers serve as an expert in their respective fields and are responsible for long term planning of utilities efforts, managing more complex or controversial projects, and providing oversight and collaboration on other projects affecting their field of expertise.

Unless the applicant specifies a desire to be considered for only one of the two positions, applications submitted for this posting may be considered for both positions. 

Typical types of responsibilities for both positions include:


• Managing floodplain mapping and flood mitigation planning studies,

• Master planning and assessment of stormwater drainage systems, 

• Managing public and political processes for projects,

• Overseeing design and construction of drainageway and infrastructure improvements,

• Collaboration with other City departments and integration on cross-departmental projects, and

• Directing infrastructure renewal and rehabilitation programs.


Typical construction projects may include but are not limited to:


• Channel improvements as identified in flood mitigation plans, 

• Construction or replacement of culverts, bridges, and storm sewers,

• Rehabilitation of stormwater infrastructure using trenchless technologies,

• Construction of localized stormwater drainage improvements,

• Capital maintenance projects on channels and utilities, and

• Expansion of the storm sewer system into underserved areas. 


Civil Engineers II and Senior Civil Engineers may also fulfill similar duties for projects in the water and wastewater utilities depending on qualifications.


Duties & Responsibilities



The following provides and overview of the typical duties, responsibilities, and skills necessary for both positions.


1. Manage the completion of studies, master planning, and capital improvement projects and programs:


• Work with a team of City staff, consultants, and contractors to achieve project goals.

• Obtain consultant services and manage the preparation of planning documents, studies, mapping, engineering drawings, specifications, and bid documents.

• Lead public process for projects including developing and executing appropriate outreach strategies, directing open houses, and meeting with affected residents and businesses.

• Identify regulatory triggers for projects and ensures compliance with relevant permitting and review requirements.

• Present at Water Resources Advisory Board, Planning Board, or other relevant City board meetings to provide opportunities for input from the relevant boards and build support for ongoing efforts. 

• Oversee the procurement process for consulting and construction services and manage subsequent contract submittals, invoices, change orders, inspections, etc. 

• Provide input for and facilitate development of the short-term (6yr) and long-term (20yr) CIP planning process.

• Collaborate with other city divisions and departments as well as outside agencies such as the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Boulder County, Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and CDOT among others.


2. Facilitate public process and advance projects through City boards and council:


• Develop and implement transparent and defensible decision making for projects that will undergo review by the public, city council advisory boards, and city council.

• Successfully engage with public and business stakeholders and provide an environment that opportunities for input and an open and friendly dialogue.

• Ability to effectively communicate with upper management and elected officials. 

• Initiating and participating in difficult situations requiring tactful mediation and negotiation skills.

• Evaluating target audiences and modifying communication style and discussion content to most effectively influence the audience's understanding of project and program needs.

• Strong mediation skills to resolve conflicts.


3. Assess infrastructure condition and implement appropriate replacement and rehabilitation programs:


• Coordinate condition assessment programs for utilities assets in collaboration with maintenance staff, review resulting data, and develop prioritized improvement needs and budget implications.

• Manage the collection of data by City staff, contractors, and consultants.

• Identify implementation strategies and advance associated construction projects and programs.


4. Management of active construction sites and field inspections:


• Oversee and manage the progress of active capital construction sites.

• Maintain awareness of potential obstacles and conflicts and utilize strong negotiation skills during construction conflict resolution meetings. 

• Perform field inspections and direct City and contracted inspection teams. 

• Identify public and business impacts of construction activities and maintain positive relations with affected parties.


5. Other tasks:


• Respond to and investigate resident questions and concerns for the flood and stormwater program.

• Assist maintenance personnel in developing engineering and regulatory solutions for maintenance projects.  Assist in the development of flood and stormwater operation and maintenance plans and advise on best practice maintenance techniques.

• Maintains knowledge of current best practices and innovative technologies for inclusion in City projects.

• Assist with other Utilities Engineering work group priorities for the water and wastewater utilities as opportunities and needs arise.


The city of Boulder is committed to hiring employees who provide excellent customer service.  Our employees communicate courteously and responsively with the public, volunteers, and co-workers, are sensitive to diversity issues, provide effective and efficient service to the public and co-workers, act with a high level of integrity, and take responsibility for their words and actions.




Civil Engineer II/Senior Civil Engineer:

(1) TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Utilities Engineering Services Manager



Engineering Project Manager:





This section provides the minimum requirements applicable to both positions. The following 'Desired Qualifications' section provides additional qualifications that typically distinguish the Engineering Project Manager position.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering or related field and a minimum of five (5) years of experience, or equivalent experience in other career fields. Thorough knowledge of current engineering principles, practices, procedures, materials, and equipment as they apply to flood management, stream restoration, stormwater, and water quality programs and projects.  Knowledge of federal, state and regional programs, regulations and policies dealing with stormwater, flood management, water quality, and wetlands. Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to prepare clear and concise written correspondence, reports, and recommendations; and make clear and concise oral presentations. Current registration as a Professional Engineer or other relevant credentials such as registration as a Certified Floodplain Manager. Valid driver's license. 
This section provides additional qualifications that typically distinguish the Engineering Project Manager position.
Advanced degree or technical certifications relevant to public works administration, flood management, stream restoration, municipal stormwater management, or water quality programs and projects. Several years of experience managing controversial projects and interacting with a highly engaged and educated public. History of successful interaction with boards, councils, and stakeholder groups. Experience with regulatory programs relating to flood mitigation and stormwater discharges.

Supplemental Information

Physical Demands: Primarily sedentary physical work requiring the ability to lift a maximum of 25 pounds; occasional lifting, carrying, walking and standing; frequent hand/eye coordination to operate personal computer and office equipment; vision for reading, recording and interpreting information; speech communication and hearing to maintain communication with employees and citizens.  Routine visits to construction work sites requiring walking over rough surfaces and climbing.
Work Environmental: Works primarily in a clean, comfortable office environment.  Routine visits to construction work sites and city industrial facilities where there is exposure to open trenches, confined spaces, moving equipment, traffic, mechanical and electrical equipment pressurized liquids and gasses, chemicals and open water.

Machines and equipment used include but are not limited to the following: Frequently uses standard office equipment including personal computer, telephones, and copy machines. Periodically may be required to use construction inspection equipment including survey, meters, gages, and other specialized inspection devices.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

Note:  The above description is illustrative only.  It is not meant to be all-inclusive.

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