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Posted Date 10/10/2018

Compensation: $7,477.62 to $11,185.29 Monthly

This  position  will  be  filled  at  either  the  Wastewater  Treatment  Facilities  Manager  or  Wastewater Division Manager depending on the experience and skill level of the selected applicant. Both positions require  the  possession  of  a  State  of  California  issued  Wastewater  Treatment  Operator  Grade  5 Certificate.    Please  note  the  City  provides  a  generous  benefit  package  which  adds  a  value  of approximately 30% to the listed salary ranges.


The  City  of  Watsonville  Wastewater  Treatment  Division  consists  of  a  staff  of  twenty-two  highly motivated professionals working as a team to protect public health, the environment, and conserve natural  resources.    The  Division  is  made  up  of  five  sections  that  include  Operations,  Maintenance, Sanitary Sewer Collection and Storm Water management, Source Control, and Laboratory Services.
The City is looking to hire a skilled leader to join the Wastewater Division and continue the success of this  operation  in  effectively  and  efficiently  removing  pollution  from  wastewater  using  treatment systems such as biological, chemical, and mechanical treatment processes.  The wastewater is treated to a secondary level which satisfies all Federal regulations suitable for discharge to the Pacific Ocean during the winter. Spring through fall, the wastewater is treated to the tertiary level which is used for direct food crop irrigation.
Responsibilities  for  either  position  also  include  cogeneration  compliance  reporting,  administrative roles   such   as   negotiating   consultant   contracts   and   working   with   the   finance   department, management of the above mentioned five teams and their related budgets, and project management of Capital Improvement Projects.
If you are a team player,  willing to learn, have high ethical and  professional standards, and believe strongly  in  the  importance  of  protecting  public  health,  the  environment,  and  conserving  natural resources, then this opportunity could be perfect for you.

To  plan,  organize,  coordinate,  support  and  direct  the  operation,  maintenance,  source  control,  sanitary sewer/storm water collections, and laboratory services related to the City’s wastewater treatment plant and related facilities.
This job class exercises responsibility for the safe and cost effective treatment, source control, laboratory analysis  and  disposal  or  reuse  of  wastewater  and  waste  water  bio-solids;  ensures  that  the  City’s Wastewater Division is in accordance with all regional, State, and Federal regulatory agencies; promotes the  establishment of  programs  for  resource  conservation  and  recovery;  ensures  the  provision of  a  safe and professional working environment for all division employees.

?    receives minimal supervision from the Assistant Director of Public Works and Utilities
?    exercise direct supervision over the Source Control Manager, Laboratory Manager, Wastewater Maintenance   Supervisor,   Collections   System   Manager,   and   the   Wastewater   Operations Supervisor
EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES – Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
?    plans,  organizes  coordinates,  supports  and  directs  the  operation,  maintenance,  source  control
and wastewater-related laboratory services of the City’s wastewater treatment plant and related facilities
?    supports  and  provides  direction  to  the  Wastewater  Maintenance  Supervisor  to  establish  an effective  short  and  long-term  maintenance  program  for  the  Wastewater  Treatment  facilities; seeks   out   and   pursues   cost   effective   improvements   that   reduce   or   eliminate   ongoing maintenance problems
?    supports and provides goals and objectives for the Wastewater Operations Supervisor to optimize the  performance  of  wastewater  facilities  to  provide  for  the  safe,  efficient,  and  cost  effective treatment, and disposal or reuse of wastewater and biosolids, while ensuring National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance
?    supports the Source Control Manager in carrying out an effective source control program which protects the resources of the  City and which reduces, minimizes, or eliminates the  discharge of pollutants to the environment
?    supports the Laboratory Manager in providing analytical services for other Department’s divisions and  other  City  departments,  including  scientific  consultation,  and  facilitates  the  resolution  of environmental issues facing the City
?    seeks  out  and  pursues  new  ideas  and  better  ways  of  performing  the  division’s  scope  of responsibility;  develops  and  implements  short  and  long-term  goals,  objectives,  policies  and priorities
?    empowers all levels of staff to be creative problem solvers, and provide the resources to lead staff towards  becoming  more  goal  oriented,  offering  creativity  and  extending  flexibility  in  solving problems and accomplishing goals
?    works  with  the  City’s  Safety  and  Regulatory  Compliance  Officer  on  developing,  implementing, training, tracking and enforcing the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant IIPP program
?    coordinates, provides direction, and oversees the preparation of budgets for wastewater related services
?    reviews  and  monitors  plant  operations  and  submits  a  variety  of  reports  related  to  Division activities and operations as required
?    consults  with  regulatory  agencies  and  engineers  regarding  plant  discharge  requirements,  plant performance, and the improvement of services
?    coordinates  wastewater  treatment  services  with  other  City  departments  and  governmental agencies
?    consults with engineers and other City employees regarding the design and construction of new facilities and expansion of existing facilities
?    responds to complaints and inquiries regarding plant operations
?    performs related duties similar to the above in scope and function as required

Knowledge of:
?    principles, techniques, safe practices, and equipment used in the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant
?    mechanical, electrical and hydraulic principles related to wastewater treatment plant operations ?    safety procedures pertaining to plant operations, including techniques for handling and storing
hazardous chemicals
?    principles   and   techniques   of   management   and   supervision   including   staffing,   employee
development,  creative  problem  solving,  team  building,  motivation  and  planning  and  organizing work
?    State and Federal standards and requirements for wastewater treatment and process control
Ability to:
?    work safely
?    read, interpret and correctly apply appropriate laws, codes and regulations
?    detect unsafe conditions and practices
?    organize, assemble and interpret statistical data
?    establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with all City employees and the general
?    interact  with  members  of  federal  and  state  regulatory  agencies  dealing  with  air  pollution  and
wastewater treatment

?    use  independent  judgment  to  identify  and  analyze  problems  and  recommend  and  implement solutions
?    focus on multiple tasks simultaneously
?    sit at a desk and in meetings for long periods of time on a continuous basis
?    intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk, and perform simple grasping and fine
?    see adequately to read text, correspondence, charts, forms and fine print
?    hear adequately to converse on a telephone and in person
?    address a group of about 20 persons without the use of a microphone
?    use a copy machine, calculator, telephone, and write or use a keyboard 
?    ability to work indoors using near vision for prolonged periods
?    climb stairs
?    drive an automobile
TRAINING  AND  EXPERIENCE  -  Any  combination  of  training  and  experience  that  would  provide  the required  knowledge  and  abilities  is  qualifying.  A  typical  way  to obtain  the  knowledge  and  ability would be:
?    three  years  of  increasing  supervisory  responsibility  at  a  wastewater  treatment  plant  while  in possession of a Grade IV Wastewater Operator’s Certificate issued by the State Water Resources Control Board
?    seven  years  of  increasing  supervisory  responsibility  at  a  wastewater  treatment  plant  while  in possession of a Grade III Wastewater Operator’s Certificate issued by the State Water Resources Control Board

?    A valid Class C California Driver’s license, including a safe driving record
?    Possession of a Grade V Wastewater Operator’s Certificate issued by the State Water resources Control Board is required.

To   plan,   organize,   and   supervise   the   administration,   operation,   and   maintenance   of   the   City's wastewater  facilities  to  ensure  efficient  operation  and  compliance  with  applicable  regulations  and standards; to oversee and administer the City's wastewater source control program; to develop division policies, and to develop and monitor division budgets; to coordinate the work of engineering and other consultants;  to  assist  in  the  establishment  and  administration  of  the  wastewater  revenue  program. Employees   in   this   classification   receive   administrative   direction   within   a   framework   of   general guidelines and exercise supervision over subordinate supervisors.
EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES – Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
?    manages and directs the activities of the City's wastewater operations
?    participates  in  the  selection  of  staff;  provides  for  their  training  and  development;  prepares
performance appraisals and recommendations for disciplinary  actions, wage and salary actions, promotions, and related employment actions
?    assists  and  participates  in  design,  bidding,  construction  and  grant  management  of  the  City's wastewater facilities capital improvement
?    oversees administration of the City's industrial source control program
?    represents  the  City  as  liaison  to  the  Environmental  Protection  Agency,  the  Water  Resources
Control  Board,  the  Regional  Water  Quality  Control  Board  and  other  regulatory  agencies  in negotiating and establishing permit conditions and compliance
?    analyzes complex issues and problems related to areas of responsibility, evaluates alternatives, and develops and recommends effective courses of action
?    prepares   and   reviews   a   variety   of   technical   studies,   feasibility   studies,   reports,   and correspondence
?    makes presentations and serves on a variety of committees to work with regulatory agencies, the public, elected officials, and other agencies
?    ensures the effective utilization of equipment, material, and other resources of the department through review of records, review and approval of requisitions
?    plans and prepares requests for proposals, reviews contracts negotiates for optimal cost; reviews progress payment requests; and otherwise manages contract costs
?    assists  in  the  development  and  implementation  of  policies  and  procedures  and  other  general administration for the department
?    performs related duties similar to the above in scope and function as required

Possession of:
?    principles and techniques of supervision including staffing, employee development, and planning and organizing work
?    principles  and  practices  of  wastewater  collection  and  treatment  including  wastewater  source control and revenue program development and administration
?    laws,   codes,   regulations   and   ordinances   affecting   wastewater   facility   operation   and administration
?    applicable  City  policies,  procedures,  and  memoranda  of  understanding  related  to  maintenance and construction, budgeting, finance, and personnel
?    general administrative practices including budget development and management, and contract administration
Ability to:
?    plan, organize, and supervise work, including providing for employee training and development,
and appraisal
?    assist  in  formulating,  evaluating  and  making  recommendations  on  policies  and  procedures
affecting the provision of designated public works services
?    prepare effective technical reports and correspondence
?    make effective presentations to elected officials, the public, and regulatory and other agencies
?    prepare and manage a budget including capital improvements financing, and consultant contract
?    review   and   evaluate   technical   engineering   and   maintenance   information,   reports   and
?    effectively and tactfully communicate in both oral and written forms
?    establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties
TRAINING  AND  EXPERIENCE  Any  combination  of  training  and  experience  which  would  provide  the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:
?    Advanced educational  training  in  wastewater  treatment  and  chemistry,  engineering,  or  related subjects.  Five  years  of  increasingly  responsible  experience  in  the  operation,  maintenance,  or design  of  wastewater  facilities  including  at  least  two  years  in  a  supervisory  or  administrative capacity in the operation of publicly owned wastewater collection and treatment facilities.
?    Must possess a Grade 5 State Water Board issued operator certification
Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Department located at 275 Main Street, Suite 400,  Watsonville,  CA  95076,  by  the  filing  deadline.    No  postmarks  accepted.  An  application  may  be obtained  by  calling  831.768.3020,  to  apply  online  go  to  the  Employment  page  on  the  City’s  website  at www.cityofwatsonville.org.  All candidates will receive  written notification after applications have  been screened  for  requirement  compliance.  Interview  dates  will  be  announced  at  a  later  time.  Names  of successful candidates who do not receive a job offer will be placed on an employment list.
The  position  benefits  include  vacation,  sick  leave,  and  holidays.  The  City  offers  Public  Employees Retirement System benefits. Employees shall pay the full employee share of CalPERS contribution.
The  candidate  selected  will  be  appointed  for  a  12-month  probationary  period.  Names  of  successful candidates who do not receive a job offer will be placed on an employment list which normally remains effective  for one  year. The  Human  Resources  Department  may  abolish  an  Employment  List  at  any  time the needs of the City so require. The position is represented by the Management bargaining unit.
Prior to appointment to the position of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Manager or Wastewater Division Manager, a medical examination, background  and Department of Justice LiveScan fingerprinting will be required.
The City of Watsonville is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages workplace diversity.  The City of Watsonville is committed to  compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by including people with disabilities in all of its programs and activities.


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