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Mesa Water District | Costa Mesa, CA

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Posted Date 6/09/2020

Salary: $78,072.00 - $107,616.00 Annually

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications for a Senior Operator - Distribution. The Senior Operator, under supervision, leads, oversees, and participates in the work of staff responsible for performing a variety of skilled and semi-skilled work involved in the operation of water distribution and production. The Senior Operator will also inspect water system construction for compliance with codes, plans, and District specifications and standards, coordinate new line pressure testing, and review plans, specifications, and calculations.

The ideal candidate will have experience:

  • Leading water distribution crews.
  • Teaching and explaining processes and procedures of water maintenance infrastructure and repair.
  • Conducting all aspects of job planning for Capital Improvement Projects and emergency repairs.

This recruitment is open on a continuous basis until the vacancy is filled, with the deadline for the initial review of applications occurring on MondayMay 18, 2020 at 11:59 PMONLY completed online applications and supplemental questions will be considered. In addition, copies of certifications, coursework and/or degrees must be attached to this application.

The Senior Operator will lead, oversee, and participate in the more complex and difficult work of field crews responsible for performing a variety of skilled and semi-skilled work involved in operating, maintaining, installing, and repairing the District's water distribution infrastructure to ensure an uninterrupted supply of quality potable water; supervises work site and ensures projects are completed in a timely manner and proper work methods are followed; and performs a variety of technical tasks relative to assigned areas of responsibility.

Position is required to participate in the Standby Duty program as assigned, and required to live within 25 miles of the nearest District boundary.


Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by vocational/technical training in water utility science, water distribution infrastructure maintenance and repair practices, mechanical maintenance and repair practices, and/or construction inspection.

Four years of experience in the operation, maintenance, installation, and repair of water distribution and/or water production infrastructure. 


  • Grade 3 Water Distribution (D3) Certificate issued by the Division of Drinking Water
  • Grade 2 Water Treatment (T2) Certificate issued by the Division of Drinking Water
  • Valid Class A driver's license with air brake endorsement required and satisfactory driving record.
  • Traffic Control certification recognized by Cal-OSHA is desirable.

Must reside within 25 miles of the nearest boundary to Mesa Water District in order to participate in the mandatory standby program and respond to emergencies.


  1. Leads, plans, trains, and reviews the work of staff responsible for the operation of water production facilities and computer support equipment, and the maintenance and repair of related mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment and systems.
  2. Leads, plans, trains, and reviews the work of staff responsible for the construction, maintenance, operation, and repair of the District's water distribution system; supervises work site and participates in performing the most complex work of the unit performing a variety of water facilities maintenance work including: main line repair; service line installation, replacement, and repair; main line valve installation, replacement, and repair, fire hydrant installation, replacement, and repair; water main line flushing; pipe cutting; line tapping; main line and hydrant valves turning and flushing and angle stops, ball valves, and various size meter box installations.
  3. Inspects construction projects for compliance with applicable codes, plans and District standards, including excavations, grades and alignment, lines and related appurtenances, and backfill compaction; checks a variety of construction plans, determines plan changes, and inspects changes; works with contractors and District engineering personnel to resolve differences with projects/designs.
  4. Inspects work-in-progress for compliance with work safety regulations; inspects and tests construction materials, lines, valves, fire hydrants, connections, joints and tie-ins; recommends acceptance of work.
  5. Coordinates new line pressure testing; coordinates new line collection of samples for public health water quality tests.
  6. Estimates time, materials, and equipment required for jobs assigned; requisitions materials as required.
  7. Supervises and participates in the use, care, and operation of assigned equipment. Supervises and participates in the use, care, and operation of assigned equipment including backhoes, front loaders, forklifts, skip loaders, rollers, dump trucks, boom truck, service truck, jack hammers, pavement saws, cutting torches, compressors, compactors, pneumatic tools, pumps, and hand and power tools; oversees and participates in the loading and unloading of vehicles and equipment.
  8. Assigns, reviews and coordinates the work of subordinate distribution system maintenance employees; trains assigned employees in their areas of work including in applicable methods, procedures, and techniques; provides on-the-job procedural, safety, and equipment operating instruction to less experienced crewmembers; ensures CAL-OSHA regulations are followed.
  9. Reviews plans, specifications, calculations and other technical data developed by engineering staff and contractors; reviews construction plans and plumbing specifications; prepares and reviews permits and work orders; prepares and submits project status and activity reports.
  10. Attends pre-construction meetings, as needed, and prepares contact change orders.
  11. Responds to public inquiries in a courteous manner; provides information within the area of assignment; resolves complaints in an efficient and timely manner.
  12. Oversees and participates in the performance of emergency repairs; respond to emergency calls at irregular hours.
  13. Performs underground service alert/utility location duties; marks out location or District water lines for contractors and crews.
  14. Prepares a variety of activity reports and logs; maintains work, time and material records; writes repair tickets, records valve and hydrant data.
  15. Trains assigned employees in their areas of work including in applicable methods, procedures, and techniques; provides on-the-job procedural, safety, and equipment operating instruction to less experienced crewmembers.
  16.  Verifies the work of assigned employees for accuracy, proper work methods, techniques, and compliance with applicable standards and specifications; ensures adherence to safe work practices and procedures.
  17. Oversees and participates in conducting inspections of well and reservoir sites including at the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF); reads meters; calculates chemical usage; checks oil drippers; checks pumps for proper operations; performs general site inspection.
  18. Oversees and participates in adjusting chemical feed pumps to proper dosage settings based on test results; adds chemicals to reservoirs as necessary including to chlorinate reservoirs.
  19. Oversees and participates in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining well, reservoir, water treatment, water import station and related equipment and systems including chemical feed pumps and systems, as well as pump engines, motors, gear heads and related items; removes and replaces cylinder heads, bearings, water pumps, thermostats, drive shafts, seals and gaskets, carburetors, and starters; repairs, maintains, and replaces automatic flow control and pressure valves; repairs and maintains membrane treatment equipment and associated.
  20. Oversees and participates in performing preventive maintenance and servicing for pump engines, motors, and gear heads; changes oil/filters; checks and maintains batteries; lubricates moving parts; replaces sparkplugs; adjusts timing and valves.
  21. Oversees and participates in the installation and maintenance of electronic equipment including field instrumentation and telemetry devices.
  22. Oversees and participates in the installation, operation, and maintenance of SCADA system; operates and controls the water system using SCADA system software; operates and maintains all SCADA system computers and assists with backup related computer files.
  23. Handles hazardous material including chlorine, ammonia, caustic, acids, and other related materials; works with associated equipment; receives chemical shipments and transports chemicals.
  24. Enters and/or monitors atmosphere of confined spaces for service of items contained within.
  25. Maintains work, time, and material records; prepares statistical reports and data analyses of production activities; prepares daily reports.
  26. Performs a variety of other duties in support of department operations; oversees and participates in the conduct of routine station inspections and the inspection of facilities/grounds for security concerns.
  27. Oversees and participates in the performance of emergency repairs; responds to emergency calls at irregular hours.
  28. Participates in special operational projects.
  29. Participates in mandatory standby and responds to emergencies.
  30. Performs related duties as required. to apply

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