Beltsville Wastewater and Water Operator

Singh Operational Services, Inc. | Beltsville, MD

Posted Date 9/19/2019

Objective: To perform a variety of skilled technical and maintenance work in the operations, maintenance and repair of the Distribution and treatment facilities and system.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to consult and follow the monthly published schedule for your daily site visits without deviation unless directed by the Operations Manager or the President/Owner.
  • Following each site’s SOP’s and ensuring all duties are completed during each visit.
  • Monitor the performance of all equipment, gauges and charts in the treatment plant and pump stations.
  • Record statistical data concerning plant operations.
  • Operate pumps and valves to control and adjust flow and treatment process. Any process changes must be at the direction of the Operations Manager or President/Owner.
  • Assures that plant operates within required standards.
  • Operates sewage treatment, sludge processing, and disposal equipment in wastewater treatment plant to control flow and processing of sewage.
  • Monitors control panels and adjusts valves manually or by remote control to regulate flow of sewage.
  • Maintain log of operations and records meter and gauge readings. Any operational changes must be noted in the log book immediately upon the change being implemented.
  • May collect sewage sample, using dipper or bottle and conduct laboratory tests, using testing equipment, such as colorimeter.
  • Must have the ability to understand and carry out written instructions.
  • Maintains, operates, repairs/replaces equipment as necessary.
  • Starts and stops pumps, engines, and generators to control flow of raw sewage through filtering, settling, aeration, and sludge digestion processes.
  • Monitors and makes adjustments to electric motors, pumps, valves, and filters to regulate flow of water or wastewater through plant.
  • Make adjustments as necessary to control flow of chemicals admitted into tanks, clearwells, and pipelines.
  • Edit/Develop SOPs for newly acquired facilities or when operating procedures are adjusted due to changes in operations.
  • Audit operations manuals to ensure that all material is up to date at all times.
  • As required, participate in the training process for Treatment Plant Operator II and III.
  • Monitors performance of electrical systems, circuits or equipment of the facility.
  • Must act in a decisive manner, using good judgment. Must be able to assess problems and situations, able to anticipate needs and evaluate alternatives. Discuss these alternatives with Operations Manager before making changes.
  • The ability to be self-directed to carry out tasks and assignments in a team or individual environment.
  • Ensure that all site log sheets and paperwork are turned into the office by the 7th day following the last day of the month.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Training and Experience:

  • High School diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Holding a Current MD Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator’s License.
  • Valid drivers license.

Good reading, math, writing, scientific and verbal communication skills; a mechanical aptitude; and the ability to read, interpret, and record data from meters, gauges, scales, panels, and other equipment.

Job Category
Career Level
Mid Level

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