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District History

Clark Regional Wastewater District (formerly known as Hazel Dell Sewer District and Clark County Public Sewer District No. 1) has a rich history of service and support for the communities it serves.  In 1958, the District was formed to meet the needs of a growing business community that was not served by sewer.  The newly formed District provided wastewater treatment and collection for 300 Hazel Dell customers.  In the 1970s, through separate interlocal agreements with Clark County and the City of Vancouver, the parties acknowledged the economies of scale for treatment.  This allowed the District to focus on collection and transmission, with the County and City providing treatment through their existing plants.

 In 1993, the County requested the District to take over all its collection and transmission functions, leaving the County to focus only on treatment at the Salmon Creek Treatment Plant (SCTP).  In 1995, the County, the City of Battle Ground and the District entered into a three-way agreement to expand and improve the SCTP.  The District and Battle Ground own 100% of the treatment capacity of the plant, with the County providing the facility and operating staff.  In 2003, the three partners, under the direction and management of the District, undertook a $77.0 million dollar capital improvement upgrade of the Salmon Creek Wastewater Management System (SCWMS).  The project, completed in 2009, has provided additional treatment capacity for years to come.

 In 2009, an initial “Sewer Coalition Planning Study” was completed with participation from twelve Clark County public agencies, including all that provide sewer service within the county, to explore the potential for improved efficiencies in providing wastewater services to Clark County residents.  This study resulted in a county-wide comprehensive sewer plan, detailing transmission and treatment facilities necessary to provide sewer service within the county for the next 50 years.

 In 2012, another result of the 2009 study, four partner agencies (Clark Regional Wastewater District, Clark County and the Cities of Ridgefield and Battle Ground) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) providing an agreement-in-principle for the framework of a new regional partnership.  The regional sewer entity, Discovery Clean Water Alliance (Alliance), was formally incorporated in early 2013 by the four member agencies.  Alliance transition activities occurred throughout 2013 and 2014. The Alliance became fully operational effective January 1, 2015 with all members, including the District, transferring debt and assets as outlined in the Interlocal Formation Agreement (IFA) to the Alliance.  Effective January 1, 2015, the Alliance owns and operates transmission lines, pump stations and treatment plants to provide sewer treatment service to the mid-Clark County region (City of Battle Ground and the District’s service areas including City of Ridgefield). 

 Also, in 2012, the District and the City of Ridgefield (Ridgefield) signed a MOU for transfer of ownership of all of Ridgefield’s sewer utility collection system assets, liabilities and all its sewer utility customers to the District.  A final collection system transfer agreement and franchise agreement were finalized and signed by the District and Ridgefield in 2013.  As of January 1, 2014, Ridgefield’s sewer utility customers became customers of the District.

 Following the transfer of assets from the City of Ridgefield to the Alliance, the City continued to operate the Ridgefield Treatment Plant.  In late 2017, per the City of Ridgefield’s request, the District provided a proposal to the City to take over operations of the plant.  In first quarter of 2018, the City accepted the proposal and the Alliance approved the change in operations.  The District began official operation of the Ridgefield Treatment Plant on July 1, 2018.  

 The District, throughout its history, has responded to the growing and changing needs of its stakeholders including its current and future ratepayers. Including the District’s Ridgefield service area, the District maintains over 710 miles of pipe and 72 pump stations throughout the 47 square miles of District service territory.

 District Organization

 Clark Regional Wastewater District is a special purpose District organized under Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Title 57.  As a special purpose District, it is chartered to provide sanitary sewer services to unincorporated Clark County, including the City of Ridgefield, and portions of the City of Battle Ground and the City of Vancouver.  As a public agency, it has a three-member Board of Commissioners who reside within the District service area and is elected by the ratepayers within those areas to six-year terms.  The General Manager, hired by the Board of Commissioners, is the District’s administrator and manages the 61.5 FTE’s within Maintenance, Finance, Administration, Engineering and Business Services departments.

 Our Ratepayers and Stakeholders

 The District provides services to people living in unincorporated Clark County and the City of Ridgefield.  The District provides sewer services and receives monthly rates from approximately 34,500 customers, including the Ridgefield service area customers.  The District’s customer base is comprised of both residential and commercial customers.  The District anticipates their customer base to grow to approximately 35,500 by the end of FY 2020.  In addition, the District provides wastewater industry leadership, engineering expertise and, in many cases, maintenance field support to the smaller cities within Clark County.


Providing customer-focused, professional wastewater services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.


An active partner in Clark County, to support economic development and to manage and protect water resources.


The District is committed to provide a high level of service to its customers and the community.  The District fulfills this commitment through its staff, a team of innovative, talented, high-performing individuals who work together seeking to make a difference and keeping the customer first.

 Stewardship of the environmental and financial resources entrusted to the District

 Employees who are talented and motivated professionals that work together in a spirit of cooperation

 Responsibility, integrity and fairness in every decision, every interaction and in every challenge we undertake

 Valued Partner involved and active within our communities

 Innovation & Learning, creating an environment of personal and professional growth

 Communication that is active, open, honest and timely

 Efficient & Effective Solutions that are reliable, consistent and meet the needs of our communities

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